Shreveport Dental CrownsThe practice of good oral hygiene habits, such as regular brushing and flossing, is a great way to avoid major oral health problems. However, if problems such as tooth decay, fractures, or injury do occur, restorative dental treatment options can restore your teeth to their natural strength and function. At Shreveport Bossier Family Dental Care, our Shreveport cosmetic dentists often apply dental crowns to teeth that have suffered from severe tooth decay or other dental health problems. Dental crowns are actually used to correct a number of dental situations to improve a patient’s overall oral health as well as offer them protection against future oral health problems.

What Is a Dental Crown?

For our patients in Shreveport, dental crowns are used to correct several dental problems and improve a patients overall oral health. But what is a dental crown? A crown is like a sleeve that fits over the top of and encases a damaged tooth. For some patients, a dental crown is the only way to save a tooth from extraction.

Dental Crown Uses

Dental crowns can be used to strengthen weak teeth, improve the appearance of teeth that have cosmetic flaws, and restore a healthy environment to your mouth. Dental crowns can address a variety of dental problems. Dental crowns help patients by:

  • Correcting teeth that are stained or discolored
  • Treating areas of severe tooth decay
  • Improving the appearance of teeth that are misshapen
  • Repairing fractures or cracks in teeth
  • Providing protection for a weak tooth
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Securing dental bridges into place

Not only do dental crowns treat these issues, but they can as also protect teeth from further health problems.

Oral Health Benefits of Dental Crowns

When dental crowns are applied, they treat an existing dental problem to immediately improve your oral health. If dental crowns are cared for properly, they can last for up to 15 years and continue to protect your teeth against further oral health problems. Some of the oral health benefits of dental crowns include the following:

  • Dental crowns can act as a shield to help prevent tooth decay and plaque buildup
  • Dental crowns can anchor dental bridges or act as artificial teeth to fill in gaps of missing teeth, therefore maintaining the structure of the mouth and preventing surrounding teeth from collapsing in
  • Dental crowns restore the function of the mouth, allowing for improved speech and chewing
  • Dental crowns can provide protection from tooth erosion

Our dentists can let you know if you are a candidate for dental crowns treatment.

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If you are suffering from oral health problems, our dentists at Shreveport Bossier Family Dental Care can let you know if you are a candidate for dental crowns, or if another treatment such as a tooth-colored dental filling, inlay, or onlay is better suited to your needs. Schedule an appointment to learn how dental crowns can improve the oral health of your mouth as well as protect you from future dental problems.