A rugged man with tousled hair and a blue button-down shirt smiles against a backdrop of trees and greeneryTooth decay may not be pleasant, but it is an exceedingly common condition. On a positive note, this means that the dental profession has developed a wide range of treatment options over the years that can be tailored to your individual needs. Shreveport Bossier Family Dental Care offers a range of reconstructive dentistry procedures to rebuild your oral health in the instance of tooth decay.

What Are My Tooth Decay Treatment Options?

Your best option for tooth decay treatment will depend on how severe and advanced your case is and how widespread the decay is among your teeth.

  • Fillings and Crowns – The most popular treatment for mild to moderate tooth decay is a filling. This is a procedure in which the decayed tooth matter is removed, and the space left behind is filled in with one of several materials ranging from a metal amalgam to a natural-looking tooth colored composite resin. In the case of moderate tooth decay where a significant portion of the tooth must be drilled away, a filling may be used in conjunction with a cap called a dental crown; this provides extra support for the tooth while still allowing patients to keep most of the tooth and tooth root intact. At Shreveport-Bossier Family Dental Care, we are proud to offer tooth-colored porcelain crowns for a beautiful natural look.
  • Endodontics – Endodontic treatment is more commonly known by the term root canal therapy. This procedure treats tooth decay that has spread past the enamel and dentin into the pulp and tooth root. After endodontic treatment is administered, the affected tooth may be covered with a dental crown for support.
  • Dental Bridge – If tooth decay is severe, you may end up losing the affected tooth completely. In this case, your best option may be a dental bridge. The bridge is anchored to your surrounding natural teeth, which provide stability and allow the bridge to close the gap left by a missing tooth.
  • Partial or Full Dentures – If substantial and widespread tooth decay has led to the loss of several or all of your teeth, the best treatment option is full or partial dentures. Dentures are about more than helping you maintain your appearance and confidence. At Shreveport-Bossier Family Dental Care, we offer two options for dentures. You may opt for comfortable and convenient removable dentures, or secure and long-lasting implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures preserve the strength and structure of your jaw and facial muscles, and help you perform crucial tasks like talking and chewing. Consult your dentist to determine which option is best for you.

Learn More about Your Treatment Options Today

If you are experiencing dental pain, discomfort, or tenderness, don’t wait until it gets worse. Now is the time to contact a dental professional and see if tooth decay could be the cause. Our team at Shreveport Bossier Family Dental Care is ready to assess your dental health and help you find the right treatment plan. Contact our dentistry office to schedule an appointment and get started today.