Dental Assisting School

A Bright Future Ahead

Dental Assistant Training ShreveportA young blonde dental assistant helps a young dental patient with black hair. A dental assistant logo is in the corner.There are many choices to make when deciding your future career path. You want a profession that has both emotional and financial rewards. Dental Assisting offers both and much more. As a working dental assistant you have the opportunity to educate and assist your patients with their oral and overall health.

The Ark-La-Tex Dental Assisting Academy is a dental assistant training program in Shreveport. This provides an underlying sense of accomplishment while offering you a long-term financially sound career. The more efficient you are at your profession the more people you can help and the more money you make!

Phone: 318-453-9589

A Unique Opportunity

When it comes to finding a job, anyone can see that today’s job market is getting more and more competitive. This is true all over the country. The majority of job opportunities prefer their applicants to have experience.

At Ark-La-Tex Dental Assisting Academy you will gain the confidence and skills necessary to apply for these positions. Along with your diploma and X-ray certification, we will provide a letter of recommendation and a summary of your training experience, upon request, to those students with a 70 percent or above grade point average for the course.


What You Will Gain

This is a ten-week course designed to provide you the information you need to perform the most needed skills in the dental office including administrative and clinical procedures. We also will prepare you for the job interview itself: what to say, how to dress, etc. This is often the most important part of the job application process.

There are two major advantages our dental assistant training course has over other local courses. We have convenient weekend scheduled hours, which allow you to still work during the week if you are supporting yourself while in school. We also hold our classes in an actual functioning dental practice. During the morning hours you will be taught the didactic portion of the course in a classroom setting. In the afternoon you will resume class in actual dental operatories and practice actual dental procedures.

We love sharing our expertise with our students, and you will love applying what you have learned here to helping your patients in your community.  Please call Sherry Lewis at 318-453-9589 for more information on dental assistant training. Call soon because we keep our class sizes small to provide more one on one attention. Keep Smiling!